This is Russia. A sort of.

Southern and central Russia. 1910 ca.

These photographs were taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii between 1909 and 1912. This is only a preview linked to one of the largest color photographs’ collection, taken at the time of Tsar Nicholas II, which were processed using special techniques. More infos and photographs here.

Russia. 2010 ca.

Back to the 10s, these are some Andrey Shikunov’s videos. I do not know much about him. Actually I don’t know If he gets a big interest for skaters (or acrobatic sports in general) or he’s a skater himself. Everything is written in Russian, too much hard to understand. [I used to study russian but it was an epic fail.] Anyway these videos are great. You should show some love to him and if you can understand russian, you can check this website too. Only for crazybikers!

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Una risposta a This is Russia. A sort of.

  1. Vladimir ha detto:

    Andrey is amazing person, he is great in everything he is doing. He is crazy trial biker, professional cameraman , good mapper, one of the best navigators in trophy races. If you need any translation, do not hesitate to contact me via


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