Sorry guys…

It’s been a long time since we wrote the last post,

We’ll back soon … I really hope so.

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Una persona che si basta.

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Simone e la bambina

Simon’s cat


Mi piace perché è come me:

La bambina filosofica



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Silence, please II

Kurt added a new video on vimeo but this time no silence or b/w. Check it out.


Instead if you wanna see something black and white…

Purdey DeMille – //


Silence, please (I): here

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Olaf Artist’s Talk

An update of this post [*]

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Enjoy the silence

I’ve been quite busy lately, hope to bloggin’ again soon.


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Renegotiationproof, photographer, Washington, US.

Tell us something about what you do.
I currently live in Washington, DC. I am a self-taught photographer and I do photography because I like it. I have formal training in social sciences and I work full time in that field.

How did you start to work with photography? When your passion for photography did come about?
I certainly ignored photography quite a while. However, when I thought it was about the time to explore my creativity (this must be my mid-twenties), I realized that I wasn’t good with words. Then photography became an attractive alternative for it didn’t require any verbal skills. I also thought it provided a legitimate way to walk around, stare at people and observe the life in general. My interest in photography increased within time as I started to realize that my camera can help me isolate the subject from rest of the world and enjoy thinking about it in that isolation.

How would you describe your own style?

I can’t provide the analytics of my style as I don’t know it myself. However, as a general observation, I can say that I tend to create pictures that tell us some stories or describe a physical or emotional context.

How do you come up with your ideas or inspirations? What inspires you?
I derive my inspirations from my own experiences in daily life. When I shoot a picture, and/or when I edit it, I wouldn’t understand it if it doesn’t resonate with some memory, idea or feeling I’ve had before. And when I don’t understand/feel an image, I can’t/don’t produce it. Therefore, everything that contributes to my history also contributes to my inspiration: my childhood, my friends, my girlfriends, music, animals, other people, etc.. I tend to avoid thinking about the shoot in advance so that I can go there with an empty/unstructured mind, and avoid imposing unproductive ideas on an environment. Therefore, each photo shoot is a distinct creative process in my case. My photographs usually happen; I don’t make them, they make themselves.

How much time do you spend on a single project? What kind of project do you prefer to work on?
I don’t spend any time before the shoot. And I can’t shoot for more than an hour or two as my creativity decreases steeply after the peak. However, the post-processing might take several days for each image. I enjoy working with other artists, especially models with strong emotional expressions and body language.

What gear and techniques do you use?
I currently have a Canon Eos 30D camera, with a 50 mm prime lens, 28-135 mm IS zoom lens and a 17-40 mm L wide-angle lens. I don’t own lighting equipment.

What are your plans in the future? Any upcoming project?
I want to do more travel and street photography. I have several upcoming trips to overseas, I will try to take advantage of them for that purpose.

More on:

Renegotiationproof on ModelMayhem

Continua a leggere

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